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Welcome to U Bar and Company! I get asked a lot why U Bar. The U Bar brand belongs to my husband's family.  I did some digging and couldn't get an exact date when it began, but I know that "Papa" Harry Buckmaster used it in his cattle operation and we still use it today and also use it on our horses. You might see our brand on a select few horses that we've sold here and there as well. 

I'm a mom first and foremost to three awesome kids and wife to a hard working husband. We continue to run the cow calf operation and farm our land with wheat for our cattle to graze and put up for hay. Things are a little hectic with my husband running his metal building business and the boutique but somehow we keep our heads above water!

While I worked in education before venturing into business for myself, I have an extensive background in retail. My first job my first few years out of high school was at Tener's Western Outfitters in Oklahoma City. It was owned by Jack Gordy and was known for quality from their Pinpoint shirts to full quill ostrich boots. I was fortunate enough to gain a lot of experience there and knew that I wanted a career in the western fashion industry. From there I went on to work at high end boutiques and jewelry store along the way. I LOVE retail!

I initially went to college to major in Fashion Merchandising but met my husband and chose a career that would benefit me working in western Oklahoma.  I've always had an eye for western styles that had an edge and was a little funky.  I also had a VERY limited budget, so after having children I was super sensible in my own style and loved finding a bargain.  

My goal for this boutique is providing affordable clothes and accessories but not sacrificing a unique flair for my customers. While some of the pieces we carry lean on the trendy side of fashion, I LOVE a statement piece whether it be jewelry and accessories or a great skirt. Something that is timeless and classic that will never go out of style. All of our inventory is hand picked and curated by me.

Little by little I believe that I will have what you're looking for!  I look forward to building my clientele and hoping that YOU will be on that list!