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Established in April 2016, bringing you hand picked items we know you'll love. From our family to yours, thank you for shopping small.

Look to the past to look ahead

As a Muscogee Creek Native American, Paula is proud of her heritage and draws on her family ties and her love of mixing Americana and Native prints to achieve an eclectic style. (Pictured is Liedtke and Lucille Greenwood, Paula's grandparents and Robert Greenwood, Paula's dad.)

The U Bar Brand

The U Bar was established by Papa Harry Buckmaster in Hydro, Oklahoma in the mid 1920s. Harry was a born entrepeneur and not only ran cattle but also had the Ford dealership in Hydro as well as a Minneapolis Moline tractor dealership and countless other entrepeneurial endeavors. (Pictured is Harry Hayden Buckmaster, founder of the U Bar brand)

Our Pledge to You

As a e-commerce retailer, we know that there are thousands of other boutiques with which you could be shopping. We want to make your experience exceptional and seamless. Our goal is to provide quality merchandise and ship in a timely manner. We appreciate that you CHOOSE US!

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U Bar and Company Style

Hand picked and curated with you in mind

We love bringing you authentic and unique items from our home state of Oklahoma. Beautiful Peyote Stitch bracelets come from the Osage prairies.